Rinat Orel paintings :
Even as a child, I was looking for beauty and magic in things. It was in Baghdad that I was born and raised on the stories of Shahrazada and One Thousand and One Nights. And with the reality I knew around me, I needed to look for the beauty and invent the magic.
So the tool of imagination accompanied me, and I had the gift of life.
That’s why most of my paintings are imaginative, usually inspired by the legends, myths, and symbolism of ancient cultures.
In addition, colors have always been the love of my life, a mystery that I was eager to explore in depth.
The colors and shades were for me like living beings whispering sounds and stories to me, so gradually the colors became my main language.
The courage to start painting developed gradually during a significant philosophical journey that changed my life. I have always drawn out of a longing for beauty. In my first paintings you will find more night mystery and starry sky.
Mostly I liked to create the connections between heaven and earth, between spirit and matter. These were paintings that, while creating them, I mainly longed to touch the stars.
All this is still in my heart. At the same time, at a certain stage of life, characters from my world set off on a renewed journey on earth, between planets and planet Earth.
I find that the whole universe is a living entity that plays, dances, hides, and reveals itself, renews itself, changes forms, and creates diverse works.
Awed by what is revealed, not only by fairy tales and ancient myths, I am fascinated by discovering the beauty in every part of God on earth.
Rinat Orel paintings