Heaven and Earth

The Upper worlds reflect upon the earth. The celestial kingdom connects to earth through the upper city ( Greek- Acropolis), which isn’t a particular city but a mythical place which man can turn his gaze to while standing on earth. It is a symbol of the spiritual habitat- like the Celestial Jerusalem, King Arthur’s Avalon or the Tibetan’s Shambala.

Through her paintings, Rinat Orel wishes to awaken in the viewer perhaps a hint of the same eternal ideal that vitalizes her works. From observing these paintings it appears that a more subtle, enchanted world co-exists with our world of everyday reality. But at the same time, it wishes to state that this world isn’t less real than the material world, for this graceful world does exist- in the hearts of those who did not give up their dreams, who are susceptible to the exquisite beauty, inspiration, joy and holiness in life.

Something of this rich world, Rinat Orel tries to express through her work. She offers the sensitive viewer, observations of rich imaginary landscapes that are almost capable of evoking distant echoes from ancient cultures, deeply shrouded in mystery. These landscapes expresses the link of heaven and earth- reflections of heaven upon earth in the sacred and ascending from earth to heaven in the gift of the prayer to benefit others.