This first duo- exhibition presents the works of Pierre Poulain and Rinat Orel- a couple of artists and philosophers who lives here, in Menahemya.

The exhibition presents some photographic works by Pierre Poulain and reproductions from Rinat Orel’ oil paintings, containing concrete and figurative images of the visible and invisible reality, hinting on the mystical and essential connection between the two worlds. At first sight, the images and themes which the artists explore, seems to belong to different spheres. But when looking at the sources from which they derive their inspiration- a clear sentiment reveals- the search for a Form through which it’s possible to express the Essence.

The symbolic language is evident in both the photographs and the paintings. The dialogue which is created between the artists and the themes of their works moves from the visible world to the invisible one while, for the viewer, each work is a sort of enigma- presenting the image and asking to resonate an intimate answer in the observers’ soul, in a voice of a soft silence.